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Welcome to my Author’s Website. As a child, and through my early adult life, I possessed a profound shyness that kept me from freely sharing in many group conversations. Because of this tendency, I became great at listening, but avoided most situations that required me to hone my skills of being a conversationalist. I loved to listen in on conversations, but I seldom shared any thoughts. This gift of listening created an ability to ponder and reflect on topics, leading to my own, thoughtfully derived  conclusions. In order to have a voice and to share my unique considerations, I began to write. Writing became the means to share contemplations from the deepest recesses of my soul. My inspiration for writing flows from the well-spring of life experience and the faith that has carried me through it all. I write in order to share the hope, grace and mercy God has for His creation. It is Jesus Christ to whom all credit flows.


Feel free to share any of the works contained on this site with family and friends. However, please provide adequate notation for anything you share. It is my desire that through this material you might catch a glimpse of the One known as Jesus. May He fill your heart with peace! Bless you with His grace! Cover you with His mercy! And anoint you with His joy as you rest in the hope and assurance that God loves you beyond measure!


Thank you for taking the time to visit. 


                                            God Bless!   Lanny

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Lanny has once again partnered with Deep River Books to publish his latest work, Amazon Culture. It's scheduled for release in mid 2021. It provides an  insightful look into the world of narcissistic abuse that's perpetuated through gender inequality.

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Personal Reflections

"Amazing Grace 2020" Lanny's Christmas Poem


2020 has been a year unlike any we have ever seen. In fact, the craziness continues on in a way that makes me wonder if anything will ever get back to normal. I was even considering skipping my annual Christmas poem. It just doesn't seem like 2020 deserves to be celebrated in anyway or fashion. But as I was pondering whether I really wanted to forget about sending out a greeting this year, a thought popped into my head. It was so profound I immediately sat down at the computer and within a very short time, my 2020 Christmas greeting was complete and ready to be shared. What was that thought you might ask? Actually, it wasn't even a thought. It was simply two words that lingered in my mind. "Amazing Grace."


For by grace you have been saved, through faith…

                                                           Ephesians 2:8a NKJV



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Just Sayin'!


"C'mon Man!"



Back in the day when I was teaching high school, I heard this phrase a lot. Especially after report cards had been sent home. This quaint little idiom was always thrown out in the midst of many an interaction with a student as they pled their case for a better grade. From the hallowed hallways of the little high school where I spent nearly three decades of my adult life, I learned the true definition and application behind the phrase, "C'mon Man!" Now that this small idiom has taken center stage on the presidential debate platform, I felt the need to share insight into the true intent and definition of this trivial, rhetorical expression. 


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The Hired Hand! 

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep."   

                                            John 10:11-13 NIV


I’ve had conversations with a multitude of individuals who were offended and completely turned off by certain components of the church or they had a bad experience with someone in the church that happened years earlier. Just recently I heard a message by Andy Stanley regarding this troubling reality found within much of the modern church. In his message he shared a scripture which brought extreme, clarity to this issue for me. It is heart wrenching to realize that too many church bodies have inflicted great harm on way too many individuals who sought inspiration, encouragement and support from a local fellowship. 


Have you ever experienced anything like this? Maybe you know somebody that feels this way.


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A Biblical Perspective

The Mystery of Zion Series 

Excerpts from the Mystery of Zion – Israel and the Last Days

by Lanny K. Cook, PhD Copyright © 2017



Part One -     A Plan, a People and a Purpose

Part Two -    The Mystery of Covenant

Part Three - The Mystery of the Kingdom

Part Four -   Israel's Final Days - A Timeline

Part Five -   An Everlasting Covenant

Part Six -     The Mystery Unveiled

Chart -         Israel's Timeline 




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You Talkin' to Me?



Amazing Grace



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