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The "Bread of Life"

This past year has been as challenging as any year in my life. It started off with the decline of my dad’s health, culminating with his passing from this life on February 9th at the age of 84. Ironically, the day before his death he asked me the date. It was almost as if he knew that the next day he’d be leaving this world. Early the next morning his soul transcended the bonds of this earthly realm and entered into his eternal rest with his Lord Jesus! The 9th of February was the same day that his father-in-law (who was more of a father to him than his own dad) passed away 48 years earlier. In fact, my father and grandfather passed away at nearly the same hour of the day. Well, a few weeks later my wife filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. Several weeks after that my church placed me on a four month paid sabbatical. At the end of the sabbatical my position at the church was terminated. In less than a year, I had lost my father, my wife, my job at the church, my church family and my ministry as a pastor.

In retrospect, as I reflect on the nearly overwhelming loss that I experienced throughout the course of ten months, I realize that this was a season of sifting for my life. It was as if I had been whipped to pieces on the thrashing floor, then tossed in the air to allow the wind to blow away the chaff. The chaff included many of the things in this world that I held close to my heart. Chaff that needed to be stripped away for some unknown reason. I’ve considered whether some of those things could have been a distraction of some sorts. Causing me to lose focus on the truth of what is really important in this life. Maybe a few of those things had become idols, causing me to turn my eyes and attention away from the "One" I needed most in life.

With my world turned completely upside down, as Christmas approached, I realized that the “One” I chose to follow decades earlier – He understood exactly what I had endured and the excruciating pain I had suffered. In fact, He too had been beaten and broken on the world’s thrashing floor. Jesus is the Bread of Life. He was born in a small town called Bethlehem. In the ancient Hebrew the literal meaning of Bethlehem is “house of bread.”   Jesus is the “Bread of Life” and it was on the first day of “Unleavened Bread” when the “Passover Lamb” had to be sacrificed over 2,000 years ago. On the thrashing floor of this earth Jesus was prepared for a higher purpose, a divine calling. The punishment that brought “peace to earth” was placed on Him.

Finally, I began to see the significance of Jesus being called the “Bread of Life.” I started to realize what He suffered for the peace of humanity, was analogous to the process of wheat being prepared to feed the hungry. Like wheat being pulverized by a millstone, He was crushed for my iniquity. By His wounds, by the shedding of His blood, I am healed. Literally, He was pierced for my transgressions and as the “Bread of God” that came down out of heaven, He has given “Life” to the world, and to me! The Bread of Life spoke to me this past year. He reminded me that I could not live by bread alone, but by every “Word” that proceeds out of His mouth.

After pondering all these things in my heart, I sat down at the computer in early December and in a very short time, this Christmas poem sprang forth. So, as you read this year’s poem, I pray that you would reflect on the reality of what was required for Jesus to become the “Bread of Life!” Feel free to share this poem with any of your friends. God bless you and thanks for visiting my Author’s Page.

                                                                   In His Service, Lanny

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Welcome to my Author’s Website. As a child, and through most of my early adult life, I possessed a profound shyness that kept me from freely sharing in many conversations, especially in group settings. Because of this timidness, I became a much better listener than conversationalist. I loved to listen to conversations, but I seldom shared any deep thoughts, because I didn’t want to sound foolish, or worse yet, sound like a braggart. This gift of listening created an ability to ponder and reflect on various topics, leading to my own, finely processed conclusions. In order to have a voice and to share my thought-provoking conclusions, I began to write, (even though English Composition and Creative Writing were my most challenging subjects in high school and college). Writing became the means to share insight from the deepest recesses of my soul. I knew there were people who could relate to what I had to share.


My inspiration for writing flows from the well-spring of blessings, trials and victories that I have experienced in this life and the faith that has seen me through. I write in order to share the hope, grace and mercy God has for His creation. It is Jesus Christ to whom all credit flows.


Feel free to share any of the works contained on this site with family and friends. However, please provide adequate notation for anything you choose to share. It is my desire that through the material available to you on this site, you might catch a glimpse of the One known as Jesus. May He fill your heart with peace! Bless you with His grace! Cover you with His mercy! And anoint you with His joy as you rest in the hope and assurance that God loves you beyond measure!


Thank you for taking the time to visit. 


                                            God Bless!   Lanny

Sometimes as you travel this road of life, you experience a few Deja Vu moments. With that being said, here's one of my responses to the Deja Vu of life that comes for a visit every once in awhile. I wrote it way back in 2000 and eighteen years later, it's a great reminder of where my hope really lies. I pray you enjoy it!

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