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Welcome to my Author’s Website. As a child, and through most of my early adult life, I possessed a profound shyness that kept me from freely sharing in many conversations, especially in group settings. Because of this timidness, I became a much better listener than conversationalist. I loved to listen to conversations, but I seldom shared any deep thoughts, because I didn’t want to sound foolish, or worse yet, sound like a braggart. This gift of listening created an ability to ponder and reflect on various topics, leading to my own, finely processed conclusions. In order to have a voice and to share my thought-provoking conclusions, I began to write, (even though English Composition and Creative Writing were my most challenging subjects in high school and college). Writing became the means to share insight from the deepest recesses of my soul. I knew there were people who could relate to what I had milling around inside my brain.


My inspiration for writing flows from the well-spring of blessings, trials and victories that I have experienced in this life and the faith that has seen me through. I write in order to share the hope, grace and mercy God has for His creation. It is Jesus Christ to whom all credit flows.


Feel free to share any of the works contained on this site with family and friends. However, please provide adequate notation for anything you choose to share. It is my desire that through the material available to you on this site, you might catch a glimpse of the One known as Jesus. May He fill your heart with peace! Bless you with His grace! Cover you with His mercy! And anoint you with His joy as you rest in the hope and assurance that God loves you beyond measure!


Thank you for taking the time to visit. 


                                            God Bless!   Lanny

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I Ponder as I Wander...



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A Biblical Perspective


The Jezebel Series -

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Part Two - "The Influence of Jezebel on the Church!"


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You Talkin' to Me?



Amazing Grace



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