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Before  I wrote a single sentence in my first book, I felt compelled to designate my writing under the label – IHS Publishing. This   decision   humbly illustrates  my  desire  to give  recognition  to  the One I chose to follow as a teenager while attending a church   camp   called IdRaHaJe (I’d Rather Have Jesus) located near Bailey, Colorado.


The IHS Christogram is a symbol of Jesus Christ in the form of an acronym. From the Greek, it is an abbreviation of the name IH∑OY∑ (Jesus). From the Latin it is an abbreviation for Iesus Hominum Salvator Jesus, Savior of men. An ancient legend contends that this inscription with a cross was seen by Emperor Constantine in his sleep before the battle against Maxentius in 312 AD. Regardless of the origin of the IHS Christogram, for me it represents God’s intimate involvement in the most miniscule details of an individual’s life. The IHS Publishing label serves as the capstone for my work. It points to the One who deserves all the glory and praise; Iesus Hominum Salvator – Jesus, Savior of men!  


Even though my books are published through reputable publishers, I have always added the IHS Publishing label as a tribute to the True Author and Finisher of my faith. You will find my works listed below. By clicking on the “Buy Now” button you will be directed to either Barnes & Noble, or Amazon to order your own personal copy of each individual title.  Thank you in advance for your interest in my books!

Coming Soon - Lanny's latest book, "Amazon Culture"

Lanny has once again partnered with Deep River Books to publish his latest work, "Amazon Culture - Exploring the Jungle of Narcissism." It's scheduled for release in mid 2021. Here is a brief synopsis of what to expect from this deeply insightful adventure into the world of narcissistic induced gender inequality:


"None of us were created in Gods image to find contentment within mediocrity. God desires our lives to be extraordinary. Modern societal platforms are intent on elevating a segment of the population to extraordinary levels, but only through the imposition of relegating others to mediocrity. This is a tactic used throughout the world to suppress the potential, productivity and prosperity of others. Its a tactic of many politicians, business leaders, government agencies, educational institutions and even certain religious organizations in this modern world. However, it has to be stated that this is the foundation of gender disparity. It is a basic premise of the modern Amazon movement. Their goal is to be extraordinary at the expense of all relational counterparts. Their mission can only be realized by attacking the masculine while simultaneously eradicating the feminine. They impart their superiority through the proclamation of anothers mediocrity." ~ (Excerpt from Amazon Culture)


The world has seen a profound increase in recent years regarding the distortion of truth. People are no longer able to differentiate between fact or deception as reality is left up to each individual to determine. Moral issues are no longer black and white. The human conscience has been seared to allow truth to be twisted for the sake of convenience or preference. American society has fallen prey to the deception of a politically biased, cancel culture. Modern feminists and chauvinists hide behind the mask of domination in order to perpetuate a narcissistic agenda based on lies and deception. Both of these gender-biased pursuits are based on self-serving tendencies focused on dominating others in an attempt to gain total power and control. The spirit of Jezebel is hard at work, intent on destroying the most intimate of relational bonds in life. This evil influence is alive and flourishing in all aspects of society, including the local church structure.


In modern society, women have been conditioned to suppress their feminine nature while men are shamed into rejecting any tendency of natural masculinity. The Amazon Culture is not concerned about equality. It's a radicalization that hijacks the righteous cause of parity and turns it into a weapon of domination. Amazon Culture is the lantern in the church belfry, beaming out a warning to the world that the Amazons are coming by land and by sea. Probably, by air as well. They are marching throughout the land, weapons in hand, arrows of domination held securely within their quivers. They are intent on annihilating anyone and everything standing in their way of complete gender dominance! 


"In my line of work, I deal with a lot of people with personality disorders. I have grown accustomed to spotting the borderline, hystrionic, antisocial, and narcissistic behaviors in people whose lives are totally out of control. It is a different story with functional people. I am taken by surprise every time when I finally figure out what is happening and why I feel crazy. By the time it becomes clear why I am so uncomfortable with someone or am thinking there is something very wrong, I discover that there is a trail of people in their wake they've hurt.   I LOVE that you have written and done the work of overcoming the abusers in your life. They may have tried to destroy you, but they won't get that satisfaction." Shared anonymously (due to client confidentiality concerns) by a health care professional 


“Amazon Culture is not just another book of ills that plague America. Dr. Cook profiles the history and social landscape for his readers. He identifies and exposes the landmines set to dehumanize today’s victims of feminism, chauvinism and narcissism in secular and church settings. With humility he transparently relates his personal wounds and outlines recommended pathways to personal victory and freedom. It is a must read.” Frank Robert Serrao ~ Pastor, Author, President of Father’s Heart Publishing


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Within the early teachings of the Christian Church, a mindset developed which erroneously assumed that with the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God was no longer intimately involved with the affairs of His chosen people or the Nation of Israel. However, there is undeniable evidence that God’s everlasting Covenant with His chosen people requires Him to maintain a personal involvement and interest for their existence, their provision, and their purpose not only through this Age of Grace, but into the future, including the Tribulation and the Messiah’s Millennial Reign. This existence is essential for God’s “End-Time” plans for humanity. Israel is key to the mystery leading to the consummation of God’s kingdom at Christ’s second coming.

      Biblical prophecies indicate and historical facts substantiate the premise that God is still involved within the affairs of Israel. “The Mystery of Zion - Israel and The Last Days” provides an in-depth look into Biblical prophecies concerning the “End Times,” while identifying the role Israel will play in God's plan for all of humanity. There is astounding evidence that God still has a divine plan for Israel and the Jewish people. The Mystery of Zion is a must read for anyone who supports Israel, as well as anyone who questions Israel’s right to exist as a Nation today. It provides dynamic revelation to the mysteries associated with God’s continued purpose for Israel and His chosen people.

"Did you ever wonder what the Bible says about the future for Israel, the church and the end times?  The Mystery of Zion won't disappoint!  It's an every believer's guide to what the Bible says about Israel's future and so much more.  Lanny Cook takes the intimidation factor out of studying biblical prophecy.  In an easy-to-read format he carefully unwraps the Bible's message about the future and answers tough questions about prophecy.  Great for corporate or personal Bible study, you will find The Mystery of Zion hard to put down!" ~ K. Douglas Brown, associate pastor of family ministries at Metropolitan Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, and author of Shotgun Rider: Restoring Your Passion for the Ministry Trail.

“Dr. Lanny Cook, in true stewardship fashion, distinguishes himself in sounding the depths of the biblical mysteries of God. His dispensational hermeneutic really makes the most reasonable sense of the exhaustive biblical material of God’s covenants, promises and fulfilments as relates to the past, present and future of God’s chosen, the Jew.  With scholastic integrity, he superbly interprets history from beginning to end, including recent events of the United Nations. The charts included clearly display the panorama of the manifold wisdom of God. I was truly blessed.” ~ Pastor F. Robert Serrao, Kindle Book author, President, Father's Heart Publishing

“Sons of the Eastern Plains” provides insight into the importance of living a life of faith. This true story about two boys growing up in Colorado’s Eastern Plains draws attention to the importance of family and faith as life takes a tragic turn. Personal experiences of two best-friends growing up together, build the foundation of the story, culminating in a courageous battle against cancer when as an adult, one of the boys puts his faith to the test to face death head on. The bond developed through childhood is carried to the grave as their friendship deepens in the midst of the final trial of life in this world.  This is a story, of life, faith, and death that culminates in the hope, and peace experienced by two friends as they rely on Jesus Christ to see them through the final challenge.


Dr. Lanny Cook presents a masterful offering of his life adventure.  He bookends his colorful journey of childhood through adult relationships and eye-widening events with the most spiritually intimate experience in the life of a believer in Jesus Christ.  These precious moments demonstrate the title of his book so very tenderly, and to have the opportunity to experience them as Lanny did will leave you a changed individual.  Between these precious bookends, you will enjoy the flavors, colors, and imagery of his detailed word pictures, poetry and prose. ~Steven Nuss - Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Addiction Counselor


“Sons of the Eastern Plains” by Lanny Cook pulled and tugged at every heart string in my body.  I laughed out loud, wept to myself, and felt the rush of adrenaline almost as if I were a part of Lanny’s adventures.  If you enjoy a cacophony of emotions in your reading material, you will not be disappointed as I highly recommend Lanny’s latest work. ~ Reverend David Baca

The public education system in America is broken. And when it comes to acknowledging the elephant in the classroom, retired educator Lanny Cook believes that, as a nation, we're tardy! After devoting nearly three decades of his life to teaching and administration, this Goodwill Industries' 2006 Educator of the Year recipient offers an insider's perspective vividly illustrating the hidden factors challenging the effectiveness and integrity of public schools across America. Fingernails on the Chalkboard honestly examines our successes and failures so we can again forge a way to empower great people to do greater things! It is a must-read for every teacher and administrator, every parent of school-aged children, every politician who campaigns on a platform of educational reform, and every college student considering a career in education.


“Dr. Cook, having spent twenty-eight years as an alumnus instructor, department chairman, and vocational director at one of the most challenging high schools in Colorado, has written a book that provides personal insight into every facet of the educational process within today’s public school system. “Fingernails on the Chalkboard” is a book that should be made available in every teacher-training college in the United States to give education majors an actual accounting into the inner workings of the public school system.” ~ Robert D. Williams – Retired Teacher; 36 years of experience in Colorado and Nebraska


"Lanny Cook has written an insightful and instructive book that gives readers vivid examples of how the politics at all levels of education can sabotage the educational process.  He artfully describes the powerful, often life-changing, influence that the best teachers have on their students.  “Fingernails on the Chalkboard” provides a platform for deep professional conversation and reflection." ~ Shirley Ellis - Retired Elementary Principal and current Teacher Education Adjunct Faculty for Metropolitan State College of Denver

Children of Promise is one of the best survival guides available for any single parent. Through his own experiences of being the custodial parent of two sons, Lanny shares profound insight into the challenges, trials and triumphs of what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive as a single parent. His two sons were 5 & 7 when he took on the challenge of raising them as a single dad. For the next 18 years he persevered as a single parent, ensuring that his sons were equipped with the skills necessary to be successful adults. With humor, honesty and a frank look at his own struggles and shortcomings, this guide covers a wide array of topics that single parent households are forced to face. It provides insight, encouragement and hope to anyone who reads it. Written as both a self-help book to be read individually, or used as a group study, this guide provides real-life examples of how to make the most of a challenging situation of parenting alone.


“Children of Promise is a must read for every parent. It speaks to specific issues that single parents have from someone who has been there as a single parent.  You will be greatly blessed as you read and apply the truths presented in this book.” 

Pastor Vince Bousselaire Pastor Singles Ministry, Faith Bible Chapel–Arvada CO

No single life in the history of mankind has had a more significant impact ont he world that that of the Lord Jesus Christ. To millions of followers, He is Master, Teacher, Savior, Redeemer and the Son of God.


The inspirational writings and meditations within these pages take the reader on a journey through the life, death, resurrection, and ministry of Jesus. Each chapter begins with a prophecy from the Old Testament highlighting the significance and divine authority of the coming Savior. The short devotional that follows demonstrates the fulfillment of these prophecies by Jesus and provides an opportunity for personal reflection as you examine your relationship with Him. Each section ends with words of poetic inspiration that are designed to draw you into a closer, more intimate walk with the Lord.

What possesses a man to leave a wife and family behind without just cause or explanation? What are the inner demons that plague a man, causing him to totally abandon the ones he loves – not just once, but twice in a lifetime?


Unforgiven Destiny is an account of the life of John Frederick Williams based on historical fact obtained through family lore. John was a man that early on in life learned how to run away from his problems. As a young boy he migrated to America from Wales with his mother and sister during the second half of the 18th century. As immigrants to America they were sponsored by a group of Mormons from Salt Lake City. After living in Utah for a few short years, they narrowly escaped the oppressive life of a polygamist culture. These experiences formed the catalyst of panic that plagued John for the remainder of his life. This consuming panic turned into a deep seated fear --- causing him to turn tail and run when life became too overwhelming. It was the personal demon that pursued him throughout his life.


As a young man living in Nebraska, his adulterous ways allowed him to marry several different women who bore his many children. The responsibility of family was a bondage that sentenced him to an unwanted life of drudgery and sacrifice. Each marriage took its toll on his dreams and aspirations. Ultimately, he was destined to live a nomadic life of isolation and solitude. In total desperation he would decide to leave his past behind while abandoning those he claimed to love as he set out to live his final years in obscurity.


The story picks up in Gillette Wyoming during the winter of 1917. After homesteading 120 acres in Gillette, with his second wife and most of his family, John was swindled out of the payment for a large crop of hay. On Christmas Eve he headed out to set things straight with the swindler. His family never heard from him again. The circumstance involving his disappearance was a constant mystery, nagging his family and friends throughout their lives. For years they pondered the fate of John, haunted by the circumstance of his disappearance. The little information that was available was a close kept family secret, not to be revealed or unraveled for decades. Finally, after over thirty years of waiting to hear news about his fate, the family received word through a newspaper advertisement that he had passed away while living in Chester, Oklahoma under the alias of Sam Tipton.


Unforgiven Destiny is a compilation of the folklore from the family of John Williams. It answers many of the unanswered questions of his life while unraveling the mystery of a man who made it a habit to run from the troubles of his past. While no one can firmly attest to the actual events or dialogue associated with his life after he left the homestead in 1917, this book fills in the missing pieces with calculated speculation. Nearly 100 years after the known events of his life, Unforgiven Destiny unravels the mystery while exposing the demons that plagued the man known as John Frederick Williams, alias Sam Tipton.


This book is offered as a free download. Click on the  pdf file below to download Lanny's first historical-fiction piece. Written as a tribute to the relatives descended from his great-grandfather on his mother's side of the family, this book will not disappoint.

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