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Lanny K. Cook

"In order to write about life first you must live it."

                                                                 ~Ernest Hemingway


Lanny's creativity allows him to write about a myriad of life topics which is why he refers to his efforts as “life journaling.” Through his eighteen years as a single dad, working in a public high school for nearly thirty years, serving in volunteer ministry for most of his adult life - along with being an associate pastor for the past decade, he possesses an eclectic array of experience from which his repertoire of informative and inspirational writings originate.


An avid writer of inspirational works and poetry, Lanny turned his attention to writing about his life experiences. His latest work evolved from a dissertation project for his degree in Biblical studies, entitled “The Mystery of Zion.” He has published numerous books; “Sons of the Eastern Plains – a memoir;” “Fingernails on the Chalkboard – An Insider’s Look into the Public Education System;” “Children of Promise – A Single Parenting Guide;” Wings of the Dawn;” and a devotional he co-authored with his mother Clarice, entitled “They Called Him… Jesus!”  He also has written a non-published historical fiction piece entitled, “Unforgiven Destiny.” (This work is actually available as a free-download on this website.)


For over a decade he served in a drama ministry as an actor and writer of numerous productions and drama skits. Through the years he participated in various ministries and positions at the local church level: Chairman of the Board, Lay speaker, and Education Chairman. Lanny grew up in a musical family, playing the trumpet in school bands and at special church events. He still loves to sing in  the car, with church choirs, praise teams, and one of his proudest accomplishments stemmed around his involvement as a founding member of a gospel group called “FourEver His!”  He’s the first to admit that he is more of a backup singer and nowhere close to being a soloist. His favorite disclaimer about singing is that he was always the Sonny Bono of any ensemble group, although he is a much better snow skier than Sonny.  Lanny’s all-time favorite song to sing is Ray Steven’s “Mississippi Squirrel.”


Lanny retired at the age of 50 after nearly 3 decades of service in the public education system as a teacher and as an administrator. He completed both a Bachelor and Master of Education Degree from Colorado State University and a Master of Arts in Public School Administration from the University of Phoenix.  In 2007 he completed a Doctor of Ministry degree from Newburgh Theological Seminary and a PhD in Biblical Studies in 2014. In 2006 Lanny was recognized by Goodwill Industries of Denver as the “Educator of the Year.”


For nineteen years Lanny was a single parent of two sons, Brian and Dennis, whom he raised from the ages of five and seven.  For more than ten years, he was a facilitator in the Single’s Ministry for Divorce Recovery and Single Parenting workshops at various churches.  For eight years Lanny served in the capacity as Associate Pastor at the local church level as an ordained minister. Several years ago he served on a team that planted a new church in the Denver area. As part of the leadership team, he provided leadership for the ministry purpose of the church, while also serving as the Secretary to the official Church Board.  As an associate pastor his duties allowed him the opportunity to officiate weddings, funerals and he regularly shared messages from the church pulpit.


Currently Lanny is focusing on completing his next book, "Amazon Culture - the Emasculation of the American Male!" He is actively seeking a publisher for this timely subject regarding how "liberal feminism" is wreaking havoc in today's society and the church. Not to be confused with equality, liberal feminism is a far-left cultural trend that is poised to dismantle the God-given traits, abilities and giftings associated with the unique distinctions he purposely designed within men and women. It includes true-life experiences of men who have lived under the bondage of women who embrace liberal feminism. One example involved a pastor who was terminated from his position at a church after his wife filed for an "unbiblical" divorce. The church's view was that even in the most dire circumstances, unless there is infidelity, any divorce is unbiblical regardless of who filed or who abandoned the relationship. So, if you're looking for political correctness, this work isn't for you. However, if you're interested in biblical correctness and wisdom regarding true equality and the celebration of God's design for each of the sexes you'll discover the essential ingredients for healthy, productive and stable relationships. In that regard, "Amazon Culture" hits the nail on the head!


 “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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