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A Biblical Perspective

“A Biblical Perspective” provides insight into all sorts of modern topics that present themselves to the modern Christian. On this page Lanny shares relative topics from a biblical perspective regarding the church, rightly dividing the Word of God, Christianity, and daily living. His educational background provides the foundation for what he shares on this page. With a Doctorate in Ministry, along with a PhD in Biblical Studies he possesses the credentials necessary to share on a multitude of biblical topics. His background as an educator in the public school system, along with his volunteer service in the single’s ministry provide personal insight into many of the issues people are struggling with in today’s society. His experience as a lay-pastor, along with his paid employment as an associate pastor in both large and small churches allows him access to both the functional and dysfunctional aspects of the modern church.  Hopefully, this page will provide food for thought as you deal with the issues you face throughout your personal journey.



Over the past year I’ve had the privilege of performing quite a few memorial services for family and friends. Not too long ago, I came across this quote from Charles Spurgeon a well-known preacher of the 19th century. I believe that his words help bring a sense of comfort to the reality of losing a loved one. Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of someone you love. But there is a peace that comes when we acknowledge God's divine sovereignty and grace.  


When you stand over the grave of one you love, you are apt, in the loss, to forget he was a loan from God. When a dear one is taken away, the right way to look at it is that a precious loan has been called in by its Owner. We ought to be very grateful to have been allowed to borrow the comfort so long. We ought not to repine when the Owner takes back what He so kindly lent. The husband to whom you have been married these 10 years, or the child that has nestled in your bosom two years, or the friend that communed with you half a lifetime, or the brother who was such a comfort all his days–when these are gone, do not look at the going, only, but thank God that you ever had them. Be honest enough to acknowledge the good as well as to lament the evil. Bless a taking as well as a giving God, for He takes only but what He gave. ~ Charles Spurgeon

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.     ~ Psalm 34:18 NIV

Is Jesus the Only Way?

In this hypersensitive, politically correct world, it has become extremely common to hear people say there are a multitude of ways to find god and enter into heaven. It’s acceptable to make god into what you want him to be, or need him to be for your own personal purpose or definition. It’s pretty normal to put god in a box to fit your own perceptions of who or what he is. This of course is a contrived, secular perspective of god that originated through a limited human understanding of life.


Many people believe that it doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, as long as you are sincere, and you earnestly seek your own form of spirituality, you’ll go to heaven. However, if we believe what the Bible says, these other paths are nothing more than an individually contrived, self-serving view of god. This feel-good message is extremely palatable but flagrantly flawed. It’s a devious concoction with deadly consequences.


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Is Jesus the Only Way?
The title of this study is a stumbling block for a lot of people, including many folks who claim to be Christians. Within this age of political correctness there are many who believe there have to be multiple ways to get to heaven. Find out for yourself if Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven!
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