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As a pastor, teacher, author, actor and former singer in a gospel group  called "FourEver His!" - Lanny has been blessed to share thoughts and messages regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ for much of his adult life. On occassion, some of those audio recordings will be posted on this page along with some of his other inspirational projects. Once again, everything shared on this page is for the glory of God Almighty.




In August of 2015 I shared a message at a new church plant where I was serving as an associate pastor entitled “The Trust Factor!” Little did I know at the time, this message was a word of prophesy God was revealing over my own life in the not-so-distant future. In this message, I shared the reality of numerous experiences which had impacted my ability to trust people, as well as, my ability to trust the local “Church.” Two and a half years later everything that I shared in this message came back to visit me in a profound way. Actually, it came back in such a way that came as close to destroying me as anything I have ever experienced.

Fast forward to early 2018. My “Trust Factor” came to pay a visit with a vengeance. In a matter of just a few months during the early parts of 2018, my father became sick and after a few months of hospital stays, he eventually died at the age of 84. Five weeks later my wife of eleven years filed for an unbiblical divorce. She stated that I was just too unhappy for her to stay married to me. A few weeks later, my senior pastor informed me that if I allowed my wife to divorce me for unbiblical reasons, I would no longer be allowed to serve in the church as a pastor. A few weeks later, our dog died. A short time later the church board placed me on a paid leave of absence, stating that in four months my situation would be re-evaluated to see if I could continue being employed by the church. It was made clear at the onset of the leave that I was to stay away from the church, as well as the church family. In fact, at the announcement of my forced leave, the senior pastor informed the congregation that I needed privacy and if anybody had questions, they should talk to him.

A few weeks later, the divorce was final and I was facing the darkest time of my life without a church or a church family. Fast forward a few months when I met with the senior pastor to hear his decision stating my future with the church. There he informed me my services were no longer needed at the church which I helped establish. The pastor proceeded to invite me to come back to the church as a part of the congregation so they could “help” in my healing process. Literally, his offer was more than five months too late. In fact, his invitation was so disingenuous that it was insulting as within the very context of the offer he made it clear how uncomfortable it would be for me to return, along with how humbling it would be to come back. Therefore, I declined his offer. Needless to say just a few weeks later, I was informed that my ex-wife, (the one who instigated the unbiblical divorce) was returning to the church that had terminated me because of the situation. Within a six-month time period, I lost my father, my wife, my job, my ministry and my church family, along with my furry-little companion of eleven years.

My life had been completely turned upside down. In addition, many of the relationships I had invested years of time, energy and effort had thrown me out like a piece of useless trash. My “Trust Factor” had taken a devastating hit once again. I seriously struggled for months. As I finally began to feel like my emotional healing had turned a corner and my life was finally beginning to take on a bit of normalcy, I came across this message from August, 2015.

Out of my own mouth from an earlier date, God delivered a message to my searching soul which spoke specifically about what I needed to do to realize the final piece of His healing. In that message I stated this, “I will not be defined by my reality in life. But rather, my reality is defined by my relationship with Christ!” I realized that my emotional healing was completely intertwined within my spiritual well-being. I was reminded once again that God will never let a hurt go to waste! I had a lot of hurts God was going to use for His purpose and plan for my life!

This message is less than thirty minutes in length, and I believe it is well worth the investment of your time. If you’re dealing with any “Trust” or “Forgiveness” issues this is a message you need to hear. Not to toot my own horn, but to give God the glory and praise He so richly deserves. I’m amazed at God’s divine mercy, grace and timing. As well as, His divine sense of humor as He sent a message, through my own mouth, as to how I need to respond to the betrayal, rejection, devastation and malice I experienced at the hands of people whom I had trusted. God is good! All the time! I pray you enjoy these thoughts regarding “The Trust Factor!”     

The Trust Factor!
You can either be defined by your reality in life, or else, choose to have your reality defined by your relationship with Jesus Christ!
Aug 13 2015TrustFactor PastorLanny.mp3
MP3 audio file [45.7 MB]

"FourEver His!" was a Southern Gospel group that performed locally in the Denver Metro area during the 1990's. Pictured left to right is Lanny, Sandy, Kathy and Jodee. While our time together was limited to a mere decade, the joy we experienced sharing the Gospel of Jesus through music will last a life time. Here's one of the selections we loved to present called "Yes, Lord, Yes!" by Shirley Caesar. My son Dennis is playing the drums on this selection. He was 12 years old when we recorded this arrangement.

Yes, Lord, Yes!
FourEver His! Kathy Johnson, Sandra Gimer, Lanny Cook, Dennis Cook on Drums, Jodee Grady on Piano
12 Yes, Lord, Yes!.wma
Windows Media music file [2.3 MB]
The Sermon on the Mount - The Narrow Gate
Sometimes in this modern world it is difficult to relate to the stories contained in the Bible. In this message, Pastor Lanny relates the story from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount regarding the "Narrow Way" into modern technical terms.
MP3 audio file [50.4 MB]
What Will Your Answer Be?
This poem was written by Lanny's mother Clarice in the 1970's. It has been recorded over the sound track of Jack Hayford's song, Majesty and is performed by Lanny back in the day when he was the bass singer in a Gospel Group called FourEverHis!
Windows Media music file [3.3 MB]
What Will Your Answer Be? Video Presentation
Here's a video presentation of Clarice Cook's poem, What Will Your Answer Be? Performed by Lanny, recorded over the sound track of Jack Hayford's song Majesty.
WMV File [8.3 MB]
Morning Has Broken - Goode Centennial United Methodist Choir
This is a recording from the Goode Centennial United Methodist Church Choir back in the 1990's. For a small church we had an amazing group of talented singers and musicians. One of my fondest memories of this recording was being able to sing with one of the greatest men I've ever had the pleasure of calling friend, Lester Arnold. He was an amazing mentor, colleague and friend. His influence in my life ranks right up there with that of my father. In fact, his wife Mary always referred to me as their #2 son. These were by far some of the most memorable times of my life. Our version of this 1930's classic is one of my favorites.
MP3 audio file [5.3 MB]

Gilligan's Island Cast - Faith Bible Chapel International -

Drama Presentation Written and Directed by Lanny

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